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What is Triagon?

Triagon is the most fought over city in this fictional world. It is nestled between all other kingdoms, a valuable and very significant factor that makes it a crossroad of peoples.

Throughout the Story one will uncover how Triagon's past shapes the entire world's future as ominous secrets are unveiled with each crack on this city's ancient walls...


The city was greatly influenced by its neighbouring kingdoms and vice versa. It is a blend of different cultures, ideas and personalities. People with all backgrounds come to Triagon to either seek refuge, freedom or, in some cases, power.

It is surrounded by the four alliances Karnak (north), Amarna (south), Sibling Alliance (east), and Arya (west). The city is said to have had three distinctive periods throughout its history:

I. Period: Founding and early leadership by Eli

II. Period: The Titan Age which resulted in the Titanomachy (war of the Titans)

III. Period: Hector becomes Triagon's first crowned King and creates the Triagonian Empire

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Main Series

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“Triagon” is a historic fantasy comic series created by Isabell Cwielong.



Seidon, a humble villager, finds himself in a mighty city filled with ominous secrets and cursed with a tumultuous past that he himself is unfortunately linked to…

This series challenges the traditional fantasy genre through cultural variety, historic/modern day parallels, and authentic characters. It explores a great range of themes and topics that were prevalent throughout human history, such as commemoration, ideology, and the dynamics of power. Cultures from around the world are woven into the story’s mythos, painting a bigger picture, and contributing to a modern and inclusive fantasy genre.

It is made up of 7 seasons which are divided into 15 episodes each.

Work on the second episode has already begun. The first episode is available on Amazon.


Prequel Series

There are also 3 shorter Prequel Series planed.

These will take place before the main series to explore Triagon’s and other characters’ history. 

The Prequels will be released between Season 6 and 7.

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I. Period: Elisium

Going back to Triagon’s early beginnings, Eli is sent out into the world, not only to cause trouble, but to also build the richest city that ever existed.

Armed with unimaginable powers he is confronted by legendary warriors and rulers who all have their eyes on him and his Elisium.

II. Period: Titanomachy

After the devastating fall of the first period Triagon is in desperate need for a makeover. Here come the Titans!

Eight young princes and princesses, all ready to be the next king or queen of a shining city. But inner conflicts and ambitions might put that new dream at stake. 

III. Period: Liberation War

What starts as a mere love story ends in the most devastating war imaginable.

Prince Hector, exiled from his kingdom in Karnak, has entered the battle for Triagon’s place in this world and he will stop at nothing to get his new Triagonian Empire to the top.

Liberation War
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Take a look at the official comic

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Meet the Characters of Triagon (Spoiler Warning)

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See the vision behind the story

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Discover how it all came together

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