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Seidon Fisher is a local administrator of his home town Ciege.

His unusual appearance may disturb people but since his village is slowly turning into a ghost town, there are simply no people he can bother with it. On the other hand, his made up stories of how he accidentally chugged a whole bottle of colloidal silver were becoming more and more tedious to repeat to every stranger looking suspiciously at him.

Seeing all his friends and neighbours leave for bigger cities motivates him to keep his beloved home afloat as he is certain that leaving is not an option, a sentiment he shares with Leon, his older brother.

Seidon possesses an increased perception of his surroundings and what lies beyond, but his hypersensitivity can cause massive discomfort when he finds himself stuck in huge crowds or turbulent situations. One can tell he is from the country side as he may be unassuming, but he shows great skills in survival, sailing, and craftsmanship.

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