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Going by a false name Pothos is the chief inspector of the Triagonian Executive Forces and member of the Aggregate. He has the power to manipulate solid material which requires a lot of physical strength, making him known as "the Wall".

He does not share his backstory and likes to keep quiet for the most time. Pothos and his aristocratic mother moved from Cyria to the Dawang Empire where he was taught in law. He rose all the way up to the inner circles of the emperor's court due to his astonishing competence as an eloquent speaker and lawyer.

Forced by his mother he married a noblewoman, despite his severe lack of interest in her or any woman for that matter.

His involvement in the investigation of a conspiracy against the royal family made him the target of a brutal attack which left him with a stutter and his lover dead. Divorced from his wife he eventually left the Dawang Empire to join the Aggregate, hoping to find recovery and a new life.

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