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Seidon Fisher

Born from unknown parents and raised by his older brother Leon, Seidon is a local administrator of his home town Ciege.

His unusual appearance may disturb people but since his village is  sparsely inhabited and slowly turning into a ghost town it does not bother many people in the first place. Seeing all his friends and neighbours leave for bigger cities Seidon tries his best to keep his beloved home afloat as he convinces himself that leaving is not an option. He is very close to his brother who greatly insists on staying in Ciege, binding Seidon to this place.

With Leon mostly busy and not much else to do Seidon is usually preoccupied with finding answers to his strange appearance and mind instead of sticking to the story that he drank a whole bottle of Colloidal Silver when he was little.

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Meet the Characters of Triagon

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Nuro Adedeji

Nuro is a decorated although controversial warrior from Amarna. She is a force to be reckoned with, for her famous ancestry to Titan Mosi has lead to a successful military career. Her initial intention of becoming the next leader of the Bentu nations were however overturned, much to her dismay. Instead she became the Lieutenant General of the 
Amarnian army until one fateful battle where a certain decision blemished her otherwise strong reputation.

Now she works in Amarna's defence at the Buhen Wall while also being the leader of the Aggregate Programme which was established by her grandmother Ayo, daughter of Mosi. Through this programme she obtained powers enabling her to control the energy around her.

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Pothos Sequoia

Going by a false name Pothos is an officer of the EFT (Executive Forces of Triagon) and member of the Aggregate. He has the power to manipulate solid material which requires a lot of strength.

He does not share his backstory and keeps quiet about his personal issues. Pothos and his aristocratic mother moved from Cyria to Hong Ming where he was taught in law, rising to the inner circles of the Emperor's court. He was a great speaker and lawyer.

Forced by his mother he married a noble woman, despite his attraction to men.

At one time Pothos got involved in a massive scandal in court. He was investigating the case, which made him the target of a brutal attack which left him with a stutter and his lover dead. Divorced from his wife he eventually left Hong Ming to join the Aggregate.

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Her stare brings terror to the people who are unfortunate enough to meet her eyes. Tartara, also referred to as "Tari", is a mysterious creature walking the streets of Triagon searching for her brother. Most people react hostile towards her or keep their distance instinctively.

Though she seems like someone who can do great harm, her physical abilities are actually greatly limited especially due to the fact that she can focus on only one thing, making her quite slow. 

Nevertheless, nobody can pick a fight with her unless they have a death wish.

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Lev Wong

Known as "Xunyicao Wang" or "the West Wind" Lev is a member of the Aggregate. She is a phenomenal analyst of people's mind and behaviour. Her agility plays well with her power to use gaseous materials, making her move and fly around very quickly.

Not much is known about Lev, except that she was raised in Cyria where she enjoyed climbing the mountains.

 She is burdened with her family's secret which she had to make a gruesome sacrifice for. Traumatised by what she had to do for them she left, changed her name and appearance, and joined the Aggregate to distract and protect herself from the high profile people that are hunting her. Due to her past Lev has cursed herself with the tendency to lie and deceive.

Triagon's Administrators

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King Emeneas

Thorius Proditus

As king of Triagon Emeneas has more of a representative and guiding duty than a ruling one. He is the bridge between the allied countries and Triagon. Since the end of the Liberation War Triagon's own government was reduced to a point where the nations feel no longer threatened.

Emeneas is part of the royal Balogun family that is tied to Titan Mosi.

Thorius is Triagon's Governor, elected by its citizens. He was once a close friend of Emeneas, but unlike him Thoriuscame from nothing and had to work his way up. Angered by the power the allied nations have over his city he is determined as Governor to end their rule, using radical tactics and even seeking help from Hector.

She is Triagon's City Commissary. She, Emeneas, and Thorius originally intended to build a strong government together. But after Emeneas's and Thorius's intense feud Rubio had to step in and make sure they have all administrators hold together. She is the messenger between the King and the Governor, establishing communication.

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