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About the Artist

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Isabell Cwielong is an illustrator and self-published comic book author.

She was born in Germany in 2000 and has Polish roots inherited from both sides of her family.

Before moving to the United Kingdom Isabell spent most of her life in the magnificent Bavarian city of Regensburg where she practiced her artistry from a very young age and successfully completed her A-levels.

In 2022 Isabell received her Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Illustration from the University of the West of England, whereupon she continued her creative endeavours in the UK until 2024.

She is fluent in Photoshop and Procreate where she creates most of her designs.

While her subject matters are greatly inspired by history, mythology and past cultures, her digital line-work art is influenced by traditional 2D-Animation, which she grew up watching and admiring to this day. But she also enjoys the occasional digital painting for her colourful concept art.

Her fluffy ginger cat Sheldon is her greatest motivation as she dedicates her work to supporting more cats in need.

Sheldon is a curious boi and has a tendency to sneak into her books. Have a look and see if you can spot him!

The main project she is working on right now is her comic series Triagon. You can explore this website to find out more about it.


illustration | concept art | character design | cover art | comic/graphic novel | visual storytelling | digital art | self-publishing | Adobe CC | typography 

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