The City of Triagon: Blue Blood
Season 1, Episode 1

We begin the story of the great city of Triagon in the small village of Ciege where Seidon and his brother Leon are living their happy but uneventful lifes as the country around them drastically falls apart. Faced with uncertainty, Seidon will have to make a decision between his home or a brighter future. Meanwhile, a terrifying demon is haunting Triagon and its Governor cursed with certain knowledge and power...find out more

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Hi, my name is Isabell Cwielong and I am a UK-based author and illustrator.

I am currently working on my series Triagon. It is an unconventional fantasy comic series that challenges the traditional fantasy genre through cultural variety from around the world, historic/modern day parallels, and authentic characters. It is important to me to explore a great range of themes and topics that were prevalent throughout human history. 

It has seven seasons planned out, each divided into 15 episodes. The main story is preceded by three smaller prequel seasons.


Season 1 is fully scripted. Its first comic chapter is available now!


Triagon follows the main character Seidon on his journey to discover the many secrets and multifaceted history of the city Triagon, while questioning his own place in that world. On his way Seidon encounters mysterious characters determined to either aid him or seize control of the city which lies at the centre of power, nestled between all other kingdoms and empires fighting for it.